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My Vampire Story

My identity as a real vampire is lifelong — and most who identify as vampires believe they were born that way and then awakened to their vampiric nature. I don’t view vampirism as a deficiency or disadvantage, and I harbor no moral reservations towards consensual feedings.

We’re people you pass on the street and probably socialize with every day. Real vampires are business professionals, nurses, teachers, rocket scientists, network administrators, active military personnel, law enforcement officers, the mom at the playground with her child, your next-door neighbor, and, just maybe, one of your closest friends. We often keep this aspect of our life secret for fear we’ll be misunderstood, and to safeguard against discrimination.

We recognize how crazy it sounds when we refer to ourselves as vampires. But after explaining to people that we are human beings who believe we must take the energy or blood from others and use it for ourselves, it ultimately comes back to the word “vampire.” This is simultaneously the greatest inhibitor to being understood by the general public and also one of the greatest allures of vampirism.

My Vampire Story - by Merticus


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